Contract Labor Services Methodology

Our Methodology, Your Roadmap to High Performance

The TZA Contract Labor Services methodology includes an assessment of your current labor strategy and the implementation of the processess and technology to achieve a high performance workforce, backed by performance guarantees to ensure your cost savings:

  • Assess Your Operational Opportunities and Strategies: TZA conducts an unbiased analysis of operational opportunities, with a high-level return on investment analysis and performance improvement roadmap covering Lean techniques, best practice development, standard operating procedures, and current labor practices.
  • Create a Performance-Based Culture: TZA places a priority on objective measurement, individual and team achievement, performance reporting and monitoring, on-going training, communication and continuous improvement. Key elements include changing the mindset, implementing engineered standards, and communicating transparent and fair expectations.
  • Enhance On-site Labor Performance: Let our team assist you in successfully implementing and managing a performance culture with the help of ProTrack Warehouse Labor Management software. We can help you transition your existing workforce, train your facility management, and utilize labor forecasting.
  • Managed Services MethodologyAvoid Co-Employment Issues: Through operational accountability, TZA Contract Labor Services meets the criteria of a managed service: on-site performance managers, operational and service level accountability, and performance tracking and transparency.
  • Manage Organizational Development and Human Resources: Your contract workforce is enabled through excellent Human Resource management. TZA helps ensure your return on investment through  screening, selection, on-boarding processes, quality and safety programs, leadership development, performance management, incentive and discipline policies and administration, and time and attendance systems and management.
  • Deliver Performance-Based Guarantees: In a high-performance environment, you should demand accountability of your workforce—and pay accordingly. TZA guarantees our performance through fee structures that immediately put savings in your pocket.


TZA Contract Labor Services are provided through our affiliate company, New-Era Inc.