Workforce Performance Services

Make High Performance Part
of Your Company Culture

People are an organization’s most important asset. Yet every day employees are left wondering if their performance really matters…and if their contributions are being recognized.

Working with TZA, our clients commit to making high performance part of their culture. They confirm that every employee’s performance matters every day and that every employee can work smarter, contribute new ideas and reach for a higher standard.

Our Workforce Management Services extend the power of ProTrack software and give your company—and your people—the ability to raise the bar on achievement.

TZA has also worked extensively with other labor management software solutions, including JDA/RedPrairie and Manhattan. We understand how to optimize these systems and can help you utilize them to reach a higher level of labor productivity and cost savings.

For ProTrack Labor Management Software

The Path to Peak Performance

TZA helps our ProTrack Labor Management Software clients take the first steps toward high performance or enhance an existing performance program with new technology and tools…and we continue to assist them as they drive continuous improvements in their operations.

Take a value-based approach to simplify processes, eliminate waste and improve the productivity of every activity. TZA provides an experience-tested methodology to align every phase of your operation to deliver increased customer value. Learn More
Create accurate and fair performance standards based on appropriate SOPs, pace, skill, training level, etc. Dynamic engineered labor standards flex automatically as work content changes, requiring little or no maintenance. Learn More
Utilize performance recognition and incentives to motivate everyone toward higher performance, quality and safety levels—and improve employee recruiting and retention. Learn More
Use a structured transformation approach to program implementation to deliver higher performance levels, improved morale, lower turnover, and engaged associates—and to promote a culture of continuous improvement. Learn More
Help your team excel with individual and group training in ProTrack software functionality, best practices, supervisor techniques and leadership skills. Learn More
ProTrack University is an annual two-day opportunity to learn from the experts, network with your peers and jump-start your team’s performance by learning the best methods for measuring, monitoring and motivating associates within a performance-oriented culture. Learn More
Leverage your investment and drive additional cost reductions with recommended enhancements to standards and processes, your physical environment, software configuration, incentive programs and supervisor skills. Learn More

For Manhattan, JDA/RedPraire  & Retalix Labor Management

Is Your Labor Program Reaching Its Full Potential?

Are you seeing less than expected results from your current labor management program? TZA has worked extensively with:

  • JDA (RedPrairie) Warehouse Labor Management
  • Manhattan Labor Management System
  • Retalix TRICEPS Warehouse Labor Management

We can assist you in reviving your labor management program and reaching a higher level of performance and cost saving.
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