Understanding Engineered Labor Standards

Developing Engineered Labor Standards

Clearly defined expectations are essential to your workforce’s success. Engineered labor standards are the cornerstone of having fair and accurate performance expectations for your team and, when used correctly, help your organization build a culture of high-performance and positive employee morale.   Engineered Labor Standards Defined An engineered labor standard is a form of work measurement. According […]

Moving Your Workforce from Good to Great

Build a high performing workforce in your distribution center

Essential Components for a High-Performance Workforce   What does it take to build a high-performance workforce? The answer varies, depending upon your business, but establishing a high-performance workforce generally relies upon careful planning, access to real-time data, appropriate training, and accurate performance expectations.  If you’re looking to improve your organization’s workforce performance, it helps to […]

5 Keys to High-Performance Coaching

Using coaching to improve distribution center performance What is Performance Coaching? Performance coaching is an ongoing process which helps build and maintain effective employee and supervisory relationships. With performance coaching, supervisors and employees work collaboratively to develop the skills and abilities of every team member in your distribution center. Successful coaching programs boost performance in […]

Three Steps to Improve Your Labor Management Practices

Logistic Management editor Bridget McCrea says “as the highest expense for any warehouse or distribution center (DC) operation, labor management is essential”. But in today’s fast-paced distribution environment, everything from e-commerce demands to omni-channel fulfillment to seasonal sales fluctuations can make labor management even more challenging. McCrea says that labor management systems (LMS) offer the […]

Coaching for Success with LMS

As companies start to recover, their focus will be on matching resource needs to increase post-pandemic volume changes. An emphasis on recruiting, on-boarding and coaching new employees to meet that demand is at the heart of this effort. In support of achieving “preferred employer” status, it is essential to create effective onboarding and formal coaching […]

Leveraging Incentives in Today’s Challenging Labor Market

At the beginning of 2020 unemployment was low at 3.5%, which made it extremely difficult to fill warehouse positions. Starting in mid-March, the pandemic created a short-term surplus of labor in the market which didn’t help many organizations as they were trying to shed hours with volume in decline. Now as we approach a post-pandemic […]

Why Organizations Need Effective Onboarding

During the pandemic many companies have had to lay off a significant number of employees as volume has dropped. In the coming months, many companies will start to hire as volumes start to return to normal levels. It is critical that a formal on-boarding process is used and supported by advanced tools in order to […]