How Effective Is Your Labor Management System?

Maximize Operational Efficiency with ProTrack Labor Management System

In today’s challenging economic climate, with inflation impacting margins, tight labor markets, and persistent supply chain issues, it’s never been more crucial to assess and upgrade your labor management program (LMP). Discover how to optimize your workforce and drive operational excellence with ProTrack.

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Are You Missing Opportunities to Improve Your Labor Management System?

Labor management strategies that were effective in the past may no longer meet the demands of today’s economic conditions and labor market challenges. However, with ProTrack, you have the potential for growth and improvement. Although some core processes are reliable, they can often be optimized further through an integrated, state-of-the-art labor management system.

Before You Begin the Quiz, Consider These Key Components:

1. Dynamic Labor Standards:
Move beyond static historical standards and model your labor requirements using dynamic standards that adjust based on order types and task mixes. This approach ensures fair performance management and accurate labor planning.

2. Performance Management:
Utilize real-time performance data to quickly identify and correct unproductive practices. Frequent feedback and recognition help turn underperformers into top performers, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

3. Training & Observation:
Continuous training and coaching are essential. Your LMS should automatically identify employees needing coaching and provide visibility into the timing and execution of training sessions to reinforce new SOPs.

4. Visibility Across Systems:
Integrate data from multiple systems (WMS, Voice, time and attendance, spreadsheets) to gain a holistic view of operational metrics. A centralized LMS provides the visibility needed to pinpoint improvement opportunities.

Evaluate Your Current LMS

How well does your current system support these high-performance components? Take our 10-question quiz to get a complimentary readout of your labor program’s strengths and areas for improvement. With this insight, you can make informed strategic decisions on which upgrades to explore further. 

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