How to Measure Employee Performance and Production Metrics

for Capacity Planning in Your DC.

A study sponsored by Intermec in 2012 found that an average warehouse worker can lose 15 minutes a day due to process inefficiencies. That translates to 3,000 Labor Hours lost to inefficiencies every year! How does one begin to chip down on that number? The principle is simple. Chipping away at it day by day can make all the difference.

The process begins with measuring and defining certain metrics.


Benefits of Using Performance Metrics for Your DC

There are numerous benefits to using performance metrics for your DC. These include:

Improved Productivity
With improved productivity, there is a greater chance that you will reduce the overall costs of machinery, assembly, and manufacturing. Hence, you will reduce the overall costs per unit. This is a great arrow to have in your quiver to lower overall costs and boost overall profits.

Increased Retention
With greater utilization of performance metrics, you can improve overall employee retention by paying employees commensurate to their labor exactly. This will reduce the overall cost of acquisitions and recruitment and thus will leave more revenue for expansion and improving efficiency.

More Productive Overtime
With the right performance metrics at hand, you can utilize resources more efficiently and increase the ROI over time. This effective utilization can multiply over time and give you compounded results far greater than if you would simply institute efficiency measures in a single department.


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TZA Provides Optimal Labor Management with ProTrack BI
With ProTrack BI, you can track and store a great wealth of real-time performance data to improve your overall performance by 10-30%. You can improve performances for packaging, manufacturing, assembly, and kitting processes across the board at your distribution center.

What is more, our ProTrack BI system can utilize performance visibility data for accurate labor planning and progress evaluation. These metrics can give you an accurate picture of your current labor resource management. Using this information, you can aim for continuous improvement and boost your daily performance, day by day.

There is no time to lose. Every second counts. And with ProTrack BI, you can make it count.

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