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Optimize labor performance across your supply chain with the industry's most advanced, easy to use Labor Management System. Designed to improve performance, utilization and associate engagement.

Drive Exceptional ROI with TZA’s ProTrack Labor Management Software

We understand the importance of staying ahead in today’s competitive market. TZA’s ProTrack Labor Management Software optimizes your workforce performance, enhances productivity, and significantly improves your bottom line. With over 40 years of expertise in supply chain labor management, TZA provides the strategic edge your business needs.

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Why Partner with TZA?

Maximize ROI

Experience substantial returns on your investment with ProTrack’s real-time performance management tools. Our innovative SAAS-based solution enhances labor performance and reduces operational costs, driving superior financial results.

Tailored Solutions for Strategic Growth

TZA customizes our labor management software to meet your specific business needs, ensuring maximum effectiveness. Our tailored approach helps you address unique operational challenges, paving the way for sustained growth and long-term success.

Boost Employee Engagement and Productivity

ProTrack’s advanced employee engagement features, including recognition and incentive pay programs, help you retain top talent and increase productivity. A motivated and productive workforce is key to achieving your strategic business goals.

Optimize Operational Effectiveness

Combine TZA’s state-of-the-art software with our expert consulting in labor management to streamline your warehouse operations and drive excellence. Our comprehensive solutions optimize performance and give your a competitive edge.

Leverage Expert Support for Continuous Improvement

Benefit from TZA’s extensive industry experience and dedicated customer success team. We provide the guidance and support you need to navigate complex labor management challenges and continuously improve your operations.

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