The Value of Incentive Pay in Labor Management

TZA Value of Incentives D1: 11.06.23 Author: Andy Paulson, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing Read time: 4 minutes. Executive Summary: Incentive pay programs can lead to higher productivity, better retention, and labor cost savings. A successful incentive program requires well-defined performance metrics and a labor management system (LMS) to track and manage engineered labor […]

Improving Company Culture with a Labor Management System

Read time: 4 minutes. Executive summary: A strong culture can help attract and retain top talent Creating a positive culture requires a strong labor management program A Labor Management System (LMS) supports a good culture through real-time data and better engagement In today’s competitive labor market, businesses must look for ways to attract, retain and […]

TZA Optimizing Automation and Labor with WMS and LMS

Read time: 4 minutes Executive Summary: Leverage WMS for automation and LMS for labor optimization Continuous learning and adaptation are essential to successful labor and automation management Cultivating a performance-based culture is crucial for labor optimization In today’s rapidly evolving supply chain landscape, where technology and automation continue to shape the way we operate, it’s […]

TZA Developing Leadership Skills

Read time: 4 minutes Executive summary: New supervisors often lack the “soft skills” to manage teams effectively Give managers performance management training and tools An LMS provides real-time data and tools to guide a manager’s actions The success of an organization and its employees depends on the effectiveness of its leaders. Unfortunately, frontline managers often […]

How to Optimize Your Labor management System (LMS) for Maximum Value

A Labor Management System is a vital tool for warehouse operators looking to increase workforce productivity and efficiency. However, the full potential of many LMS implementations remains untapped, leaving organizations without the full benefits of a comprehensive labor management program. Here’s how to optimize your LMS into a dynamic LMP that not only drives productivity […]

Tackle warehouse employee turnover in the few weeks of employment

Tackle Warehouse Employee Turnover in the First Few Weeks of Employment Supply chain labor turnover continues to be a huge challenge for organizations. For many businesses, the turnover problem occurs within the first few weeks of employment. In fact, studies show approximately 20% of employees leave within their first 45 days of employment, and 30% […]

How to choose an LMS: The benefits of a Full-service Solution

Read time: 5 minutes Executive summary: Unique benefits across software, integration and engineering support Long-term LMS training and technical support Bringing together data from across systems to enable powerful insights As you research solutions, you will find that labor management systems (LMS) come in several varieties. Some are more tightly integrated with other warehouse operational […]

How to Utilize Your LMS to Identify Continuous Improvement Projects

How to Utilize Your LMS to Identify Continuous Improvement Projects Read time: 4 minutes Executive summary: An LMS can help drive continuous improvement across your operations Advanced BI capabilities provide visibility into critical metrics An LMS can drive non-performance-related improvements As demand for faster delivery, the labor shortage, inflation and other constraints put strain on […]

Why Aren’t You Managing Employee Performance in Real-time?

Why Aren’t You Managing Employee Performance in Real-time? Read time: 4 minutes Executive summary: Data analytics makes decision-making 5x faster Real-time data helps address performance gaps quickly, increase productivity An LMS utilizing real-time BI tools makes data digestible and actionable To succeed in today’s challenging supply chain environment, organizations need to manage to the highest […]