TZA Labor Management Services

People are an organization’s most important asset

Working with TZA means committing to making employee engagement and encouraging high performance an integral part of your company’s culture.

Lean Best Practices

We combine a Lean methodology approach with industry best practices experience to streamline every phase of your operation. Utilizing Lean tools like Value Stream mapping, we analyze each functional area within your operation, creating a detailed list of opportunities to reduce waste and inefficiencies resulting in defined Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Performance Management Training

TZA’s Performance Management Training provides the skills associated with the five Daily Habits of Managers: Plan, Monitor, Analyze, Observe and Coach. These steps create the foundation for a highly productive operation and employee engagement resulting in a high-performance culture.

Go-Live Support

TZA’s passion and reputation for success hinges on our client’s readiness to execute on their chosen Labor Management strategy. Whichever path our clients choose to support their culture is, in turn, supported by TZA’s Go-Live serves with an emphasis on your floor managers demonstrated understanding and use of ProTrack.

Incentive Program Development

TZA can design an incentive program to help bridge the wage gap resulting in more effective recruiting and higher levels of retention and or increase productivity levels beyond the minimum expected performance level. When done correctly, most incentive programs are self-funding.

LMP+ Engineering Maintenance

Standards require annual maintenance. TZA, through ProTrack, can automatically monitor the accuracy of your standards. In support of maintaining your standards and getting the most out of your labor management program, TZA offers an optimal maintenance program called LMP+.

Leadership Training

TZA’s leadership training gives managers the skills they need to better communicate, coach and counsel their associates resulting in an engaged high-performance culture with less turnover.

Engineers on site
Performance Standards

Our engineering team can develop reasonable expectancies or multi-determined engineered standards to support a fair and accurate approach to your performance management strategy.

Engineered labor standards represent optimized performance expectations that support baselines for planning, performance measurement and incentives. Third party validation studies for existing standards is also available as a service.

Let’s discuss what services could take your Labor Management Program to the next level.