MHI Annual Industry Report Response: Embracing the Digital Mindset

Connecting Data, Talent, and Technology in Digital Supply Chains Recently, the MHI Annual Industry Report “Embracing the Digital Mindset” was released and discussed at MODEX 2020 on March 12. This is the seventh annual highly rated report on industry research from MHI and Deloitte. This year’s survey report details the coupling of digital technology and […]

MODEX 2020 Takeaways

In the wake of concerns about COVID-19, the topic of supply chain resiliency was at the forefront of conversation at MODEX 2020. Software, digital connectivity, big data analytics and labor challenges were the hot industry topics of this year, as outlined in the MHI Industry Report. During the show, the TZA team was able to […]

Benefits of Pay Per Performance Programs

Turnover and labor shortages in the manufacturing and distribution industries continue to impact the operations of companies of all sizes. With that, the use of pay for performance or incentive programs is almost certain to escalate as employers search for ways to provide more competitive wage programs while boosting  both labor performance and employee retention. […]

Tips For Increasing Employee Engagement

What steps do you take in your operations to celebrate your workforce’s contributions and encourage engagement? In 2020, data supports a huge push for engagement in organizations. What is employee engagement? Managers properly interacting with their employees can result in the employee developing an emotional commitment to the organization. These relationships and a company culture […]

MHI Report Response: Technology in the Supply Chain

Spending on Technology is up Drastically The MHI report survey results suggest that investment in supply chain innovation is rising drastically, with a 95% increase in projected spending for 2019, contrary to previously declining budgets from 2015-2018. The report touches on several major factors pushing for digital implementation in the supply chain. Digitization and the […]