Leveraging Technology for Labor Planning

Workforce planning is essential to high-performing operations

In today’s complex world, organizations are facing labor challenges like never before. With work volume changing dramatically from day to day, it has become increasingly harder to assure that the right resources are in the right place at the right time, resulting in significantly higher labor cost. In order to operate cost effectively in these volatile times, companies not only need a robust labor planning tool but one that provides constant progress feedback so adjustments can be made throughout the day. 

Labor planning is an essential tool for managers to understand what size workforce is needed, the areas where they need additional resources and have accurate data for course corrections for unexpected changes throughout the day.

Spotlight on: ProTrack Labor Planning Module

ProTrack Labor Management Software’ includes a Labor Planning module to help operational leaders predict, plan and realign their workforce throughout the day.

This module utilizes each employee’s specific performance results against planned volume by activity to accurately determine, not only the number of employees needed to complete the work, but the specific named employees who should be assigned.

Protrack workbench

The results from the labor planning process will accurately determine the resources required and the completion time associated with that day’s planned work. If operational leaders determine their full-time resources are not enough to complete that day’s work, the number of temporary workers to hire and or work overtime hours can be determined. 

ProTrack’s Labor Planning Module will provide real-time progress updates against the plan for each activity in the building. This allows managers to make real-time adjustments to employee assignments throughout the day. The ability to see real-time progress allows management to communicate overtime needs to the hourly team well in advance of the end of shift and ultimately reduces overtime hours.   

A post-coronavirus world will, for many companies, mean even more volatile volume swings requiring the appropriate labor planning and forecasting tools to operate cost effectively. See how ProTrack can provide your managers the tool they need to accurately labor plan through real-time performance data. 

Planning is the key to Success.

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