Maximizing labor efficiency through automation and labor management

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How automation and labor management software can work together to maximize efficiency gains in your warehouse. The increasingly competitive business landscape has forced companies to adopt automation to reduce costs, improve service, and reduce labor needs. However, even with advanced automation, distribution centers will still require labor for some functions. Brightpick will present an overview of their recently announced Brightpick Autopicker, the world’s first commercially-available autonomous mobile picking robot. They will be joined by Netrush, a 3PL based in North America, to talk about their experience implementing a solution from Brightpick. The discussion will also provide insight into Brightpick’s design considerations and system capabilities to understand the best possible fit for Brightpick Autopicker.  TZA, a leading LMS provider, will present their implemented (60-90 day) LMS solution, along with an overview of their reporting and planning capabilities, and discuss the pros and cons of utilizing Engineered Labor Standards versus system-generated. Both will provide customer success stories with a customer who can describe the success they achieved and lessons learned.

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James Cox,

John Seidl,

Michael Smith,

Robert Leskovar,
Bob’s Discount Furniture

Tim Harlan,


Lou Cerny,