MODEX 2020 Takeaways

In the wake of concerns about COVID-19, the topic of supply chain resiliency was at the forefront of conversation at MODEX 2020. Software, digital connectivity, big data analytics and labor challenges were the hot industry topics of this year, as outlined in the MHI Industry Report.

During the show, the TZA team was able to speak to a variety of industry professionals and learn about the unique operational challenges that they are facing.

Here are some of the takeaways from our team:

“When talking to industry leaders, many were looking to have a better and more timely view of their operational data. A lot of the people I spoke with were craving more operational insight beyond their WMS data to help drive better and more timely decision making. ProTrack utilizes not only data from the WMS but also your Time and attendance system, your WCS and your ERP to give real-time access to data intelligence through graphical business intelligence reporting.”

-Andy Paulson, Senior Director of Customer Success


“During the show, we were somewhat at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.  In speaking with many of the attendees on the floor, there was a real concern with floor employees getting sick putting a significant strain on their ability to ship product.  In addition to the concern for their employees’ health, many in the supply chain have come to realize that social distancing, self-quarantining and being an “essential” product, have all had a significant impact on their top line.  This, maybe now more than ever, is a really good time to have labor management software so that these companies can manage their labor cost as sales have declined and equally as important, manage labor cost as their sales start to rebound.”

-Matt Lamb, Director of Sales

“MODEX was a great experience this year. A lot of people that we talked to are still using manual reporting processes like excel sheets for tracking their activity on the floor. Often times this manual tracking was isolated to selectors, which means that potentially over 50% of their labor spend was not being tracked. Today’s labor management systems can provide you with automated tracking in real time, providing you with 100% visibility of your labor spend. Typical results of implementing Labor Management Software and new performance standards is a decrease in labor spend of 8-15%.” 

-Karie Riley, Account Executive


How is your organization rising to today’s challenges?

Supply chain resiliency, and particularly managing your labor cost, are critical as we transition through the COVID-19 pandemic. Having systems in place to plan your labor needs and manage your performance in order to serve your customers in a timely and accurate manner can make the difference between thriving and surviving. The use of labor management software and more accurate engineered standards can help companies optimize productivity, utilization, labor planning and more.

ProTrack Labor management software effectively collects operational performance data to manage productivity, utilization and more at all levels of the organization from the network level all the way down to the individual employee level. The ability to drill down and analyze this data in real-time with sophisticated but easy to use business intelligence reporting is paramount to any organization’s cost effectiveness.   

PROTRACK Provides the tools for you to Improve productivity

  • Improve utilization
  • Increase throughput
  • Increase retention through employee engagement and incentive pay
  • Make better and more timely operational changes through advanced analytics

With COVID-19 demanding more from the supply chain, does your organization have the real time data required to make operational decisions in an accurate and timely manner?

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