Using Labor Management to Improve Automation ROI​

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Staffing shortages and rising wages have led to an increase in capital expenditures on automation projects – in the warehouse and the back office. Automation is not going to eliminate your need for people. Instead, it will change how they work based on the human inputs and maintenance needed for automation to provide the expected outputs. Understanding this relationship, and the visibility that a Labor Management System can provide will help you get past common issues that frequently trip up organizations and maximize your automation investment through smart labor management strategies.

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About the Speaker:

Richard Knight is an experienced professional with a strong background in third-party logistics (3PL) and retail distribution. He has spent 17 years honing his skills in the industry, with a particular focus on labor management, warehouse management, and automation implementations. Currently serving as the Director of Services at TZA, Knight is well-versed in all aspects of supply chain management and is dedicated to improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated a commitment to leveraging technology and data to optimize logistics processes and drive business growth.