Staying Competitive in a ‘Survival of the Fittest’ Supply Chain Industry

In today’s world, a variety of supply chain challenges like the labor shortage, high turnover, fast order turnaround times, and rising costs have emerged and created issues for organizations. What are you doing to evolve and thrive in a “survival of the fittest” industry?

Positioning Your business for success

1. Retain Skilled Workers

It’s no secret that there is a global talent shortage crisis, leading to high demand for supply chain professionals. This is due to the:
  • Colossal wave of retiring baby boomers
  • Distribution and manufacturing giants over-saturating the market, and offering higher wages
  • Supply chain industry expanding faster than workers are becoming available, and qualifications for those careers are becoming more dynamic
  • Perception that supply chain jobs are not attractive or lack excitement
This results in significant gaps in the workforce and spikes in turnover. It is imperative for businesses to properly feed their future talent pipeline by retaining their current employees and setting them up for long-term growth and success.

2. Create A High-Performance and Continuous Improvement Culture

With the supply chain industry’s evolution and increasing demands, as well as global talent shortage, it’s important for businesses to create and embrace a culture of high-performance and continuous improvement. This can be done by:
  • Increasing engagement with your workforce
  • Improving coaching sessions between managers and associates, including data-driven feedback
  • Implementing or validating standards and goals that are fair and accurate
  • Offering competitive recognition programs that assures your workforce their performance and hard work matters
Instilling this kind of culture helps retain current employees and attract qualified job seekers to your company while improving your productivity and profitability.

3. Become a Supply Chain Digital Trendsetter

In today’s supply chain, people expect the on-demand experience and nearly instantaneous service. Whether B2B or B2C, businesses can no longer operate on manual or outdated systems that report data days or weeks after the fact.
Digital trendsetters are heavily investing in technologies like:

  • Real-time monitoring and tracking
  • Cloud based systems
  • Business Intelligence
  • Advanced analytics

These types of technologies provide real-time insights to workforce and supply chain operations, and ensure:

  • Reduction in operating costs
  • Improved productivity and efficiency
  • Increased throughput and time-to-value
  • Greater customer satisfaction
TZA’s ProTrack Labor Management Software combines these in-demand technologies into one software.

ProTrack’s SaaS based cloud-software allows real-time data to be displayed on any device. Additionally, setting up alerting functions help users keep on track with their unique goals.

Keep your organization ahead of the curve by providing visual data tools that management can leverage to engage with their employees, boost productivity, increase retention and save on labor costs.

  • Labor planning and forecasting
  • Productivity metrics
  • Engineered labor standards and best practices
  • Coaching module
  • Learning curves for on-boarding and training
  • Incentive program design
  • Business intelligence analytics

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