Supply Chain Trends to Look For

2018 proved to be tough for supply chain organizations, and many of those challenges have continued into 2019. This makes it critical for businesses to build and execute roadmaps in order to stay ahead of the industry disruptors – both today and into the future. Let’s examine some of those current supply chain trends.

Growing Labor Market Challenges

Labor market challenges aren’t new to the supply chain industry. But despite efforts to address these challenges, they’re forecasted to continue throughout 2019. If your organization didn’t have a hold on them in 2018, this could mean a tougher next year.

Businesses can expect to see a tighter labor market in 2019. Plus, attracting new talent will be harder than ever. As a result, businesses will be forced to come up with creative new ways to attract candidates and stay competitive.

The New Consumer

Thanks to the internet and power of new technologies, consumers can now compare products and purchase one with the click of a button. They also expect free shipping and same- or next-day delivery – putting pressure on supply chain organizations.

Evolving Operations

With the rapidly changing industry, supply chains need to forecast and be better prepared for both the expected and the unexpected. Successful organizations are adopting new cutting-edge technologies to improve supply chain visibility, keep up with demand and stay ahead of industry changes.

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