Tips For Increasing Employee Engagement

What steps do you take in your operations to celebrate your workforce’s contributions and encourage engagement? In 2020, data supports a huge push for engagement in organizations.

What is employee engagement?

Managers properly interacting with their employees can result in the employee developing an emotional commitment to the organization. These relationships and a company culture that embraces them create high levels of employee engagement.

An engaged employee culture:

  • Attracts skilled labor

  • Retains employees

  • Sees Increased Productivity 

Here are some things that you can do to improve employee engagement:

Foster trust and transparency 

A work environment of open communication creates inclusive and collaborative teams. Transparency and openness within teams allows for employees to feel individually valued. Social belonging is a main psychological component to the hierarchy of human needs, so any way to foster this inclusion is powerful. When employees feel like part of the group, they identify with the organization that they work for and celebrate company wins with a sense of pride.

Create Goals 

Check in with employees regarding their own development. Communicate the expectations of their role and talk through areas where they excel and areas that may need attention. Whether this be in a formal review or in an ongoing structure, taking the time to invest in employee development helps them to stay involved and feel valued. 

A great practice is to create SMART goals. Learn more about how to do this here.

coach and reward employees 

Actively praise and support employees when they are on their game and guide them to the right path when they need a nudge. When managers are paying attention and encouraging their workers, there is more active engagement for individuals to keep up good work or improve their skills. Rewards for high performers could be incentive programs, friendly team competitions, and small celebrations that positively reward hard work in a fun way.

ensure management has the proper tools

Are your managers equipped with resources, training and software that help them lead their teams? Asking your managers what they are struggling with and what solutions can help solves those issues can help managers create an engaged culture with employees.

According to new research of more than 600 US businesses with 50-500 employees, 63.3% of companies say retaining employees is actually harder than hiring them.

Provide feedback with supporting data

Utilizing operational data from ProTrack Labor Management Software, managers can provide feedback to their teams based on real-time metrics. This allows an ongoing conversation between worker and manager on how to best achieve improvement, train on specific skills, and coach through challenges. As a result of fostering employee engagement, organizations can see increased productivity and cost savings, positioning the organization for success.

What are you waiting for? Invest in tools to manage your most important asset- your workforce. Book a demo today to see how ProTrack can help drive your success.

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