TZA Team: ProMat 2019 Takeaways

During ProMat 2019, the industry chatter and presentations focused on a set of key topics:

  • Find Your WOW- get inspired by today’s advancements in the supply chain
  • How to Effectively Address the Tight Labor Market
  • Blockchain -Advancements and Advice on Managing
  • Technology and the Drive for Digital in the Supply Chain
  • Logistics and Fast Order Turnaround
  • Gender Equality in the Supply Chain

With the 2019 ProMat Show behind us, the TZA team is reflecting on the impact of the industry-wide event and the main topics being discussed.

This year’s ProMat Show was a record-breaker. It was the largest in the 34-year history of the event, with registrations of 49,718 —an 11% attendance jump over 2017. The four-day expo, April 8-11, covered 425,000 net square feet of exhibit space on two show floors at Chicago’s McCormick Place with 938 exhibiting companies. TZA was fortunate enough to be one of the exhibiting companies.

As we are located in the Chicago suburbs, this meant most of the team had a chance to brave the morning commute downtown and embrace all that ProMat had to offer. Between working the TZA booth and exploring the show, the TZA team was able to note key takeaways from experiencing such a large scale show.


Andy Paulson speaking about Labor Market Challenges at ProMat 2019.

“It was awesome to be able to put a face to the names of people that I’ve been able to collaborate with before on the phone or via email. I also thought it was helpful to be able to demo ProTrack in person and answer questions or explain parts of the software in depth. My biggest takeaway from the show was being able to experience how much the industry has grown even since MODEX last year. It was mind-blowing to see some of the innovative things going on around us and how each company grows to produce new products and services each year. It’s great to see how we can help in the industry and how that fits into other advancements going on in other areas of operations.” – Mike Scola, Account Executive

“I liked engaging with all sorts of people and getting a chance to learn about different components of the industry. My biggest takeaway from ProMat would be getting a good exposure to the supply chain world. I haven’t been in this industry before I took this role, so I found that helpful to learn about. I also appreciated the conversations I had during the three days I was there. It helped me understand what areas many companies need help with and where I can provide guidance.” – Karie Riley, Sales Development Representative

“The highlight of the show for me was meeting and talking to other supply chain professionals and learning about their businesses and challenges. My biggest takeaway was that despite all the fancy automation on display, not one person I met said that managing their labor was a non-issue. Whether it is turn-over, productivity, etc. – at the end of the day everybody is still employing people and that requires the right tool to help managers see the full scope of their operations.” – Andy Paulson, Director, Customer Success Team

“Getting to meet people in person was great. I liked putting faces to names and connecting with people who focus on doing different things throughout the industry. I would say that my biggest takeaway was the interactions that I had with a lot of different people. Talking with them about their goals and how TZA can help them achieve them was awesome for me.” – Ron Kibby, Sales Development Representative

Overall, ProMat 2019 was a great experience for the TZA team. Having the opportunity to speak to so many people from different areas in the supply chain was amazing. This year’s show marked a huge turning point in the way that technology and digital applications integrate with operations, and we are grateful to be able to share over 30 years of experience in that area of the supply chain.

TZA’s solutions are built to connect well with any digital system that is already being used in your operations, making metrics easily accessible for you to utilize. Labor activity and productivity have never been so visible to management!

We can’t wait to see what innovative solutions we will see next year at MODEX 2020!

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