Use High Performance Coaching to Build a Team of Top Performers

High performance coaching is fundamental in team activities like sports, but many manufacturers and distributors miss opportunities to improve productivity by properly engaging with their employees.

Whether to ensure the success of new associates, help a struggling employee, or crank up overall team performance, formal coaching is a proven way to build a high performance culture in your operation.

TIPS FOR transitioning to a high performance culture:
  • Setting clear expectations that are fair to all associates
  • Formal observation and coaching to reinforce SOPs and communicate positive performance achievement
  • Listening and learning through two-way communications with employees
  • Capturing and sharing performance feedback in real-time
  • Formal engagement strategies to drive a positive company culture and supervisor/employee relationships

High performance cultures are achievable through the use of a labor management system like TZA’s ProTrack Labor Management Software. 

Industry research has documented the ROI from coaching through improved work performance and increased employee engagement and retention. In one study, over 70% of associates receiving consistent coaching significantly increased their performance and reported that they improved relationship with their supervisor. Research from Bersin by Deloitte shows their organizations with strong support for coaching had 34% higher business results and 39% stronger employee performance.

 ProTrack provides management tools to help your organization improve performance by 10% to 20% and reduce turnover by 20% to 40%. 

Within ProTrack, key modules help assist managers in achieving these goals:

  • Labor Planning
  • Learning Curves
  • Standards Calculation
  • Formal Engagement and Coaching
  • Incentive Pay
  • Recognition Boards
  • & More!

Let us show you how ProTrack can turn your operation into a high performance culture.

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