Attracting and Retaining a Supply Chain Workforce During a Pandemic

Despite the pandemic, warehouse employment is at an all-time high. The race for warehouse workers is in full swing. To win, organizations will need to adopt new labor management approaches to attract and retain a top workforce. Learn more in this new white paper. DOWNLOAD

2021 The Year of the Labor Management System System

reducing overtime

As the war for talent rages on, we’re answering your most pressing questions on the competitive labor market, employee retention, and how Labor Management System Systems can help.  DOWNLOAD Download the white paper to see the responses to the most asked questions, like the ones below: How do I know I have a turnover problem? […]

Effective Strategies For Managing And Reducing Overtime

reducing overtime

Overtime can be a cost-effective way to flex your workforce and increase your capacity to meet demand. However, too much overtime can become an ineffective and expensive fix for underlying problems that, if left unresolved, can reduce your competitiveness and impact profits. Download the white paper to learn about our 5 strategies for managing and […]

Real-time Labor Data and Insight Go Global

If you’d like to have full visibility into your warehouse operations at the supervisor, department and/or
facility level in real-time – anytime from anywhere – you’ll like ProTrack Labor Management System System
(LMS). See how ProTrack allows actionable data and insights to go global, from wherever you are, on any

How Transportation Challenges are Affecting Today’s Supply Chain

Driver shortages, increasing customer demands and a lack of trucking capacity are all working to slow
down the movement of goods. Learn how a Labor Management System System (LMS) can help you leverage
predictive analytics to better forecast demand so you can proactively scale or reposition drivers and
other employees as needed.

Turnover Your Turnover Problem

Turnover isn’t cheap. Check out this guide to find out how much employee turnover is costing you and
understand the six tools a Labor Management System Program provides to help overcome workforce retention

Engineered Labor : The Standard For High Performance

A critical first step to balance labor productivity and costs is developing and implementing engineered
labor standards (ELS). If you’re looking to understand the elements of engineered labor standards and
how to accurately develop them, this white paper is for you.