In the realm of commerce, where goods move seamlessly from production lines to consumers, warehouse workers play a crucial yet often overlooked role. These individuals ensure products are sorted, stocked, and shipped efficiently, forming the backbone of the supply chain. Despite their critical contributions, their well-being is frequently overshadowed by industry demands and a focus […]

Flawless Order Execution has a Labor Problem  In recent years, operations leaders consistently list confidence in their labor – across multiple dimensions – as an ongoing concern. The ongoing challenge of securing, retaining, and optimizing labor has become even more pronounced in recent times due to various factors such as availability, temperament, and skill set […]

MODEX 2024: Navigating the Future of Supply Chain

MODEX 2024, scheduled to take place from March 11 to March 14 at Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress Center, is shaping up to be an amazing gathering for manufacturing, supply chain, and transportation professionals. With a comprehensive agenda featuring 5 keynotes, 150 educational sessions, and over 1,000 leading solution providers, MODEX 2024 aims to address the […]

When to use Engineered Labor Standards vs. Reasonable Expectancies.

Executive summary: Utilizing labor standards is a critical part of a successful labor management program. Multi-determinant engineered labor standards provide a more accurate performance expectation as compared to reasonable expectancies. An LMS is instrumental in developing fair labor standards and managing performance. In an era of evolving labor demands including protecting employee welfare while still […]

Top Warehouse Labor Management System Trends for 2024

Executive Summary: Expanded use of mobile devices will enable supervisors to act on LMS insights in real time AI will bolster the data analytics capabilities of the LMS and provide actionable suggestions for improved labor management As automation increases, warehouse operators will see importance of an LMS in optimizing performance of remaining employees who work […]

How Labor Management System Software Solves Todays Biggest Labor Challenges

Defining Today’s Biggest Labor Challenges Today’s warehouse operations face unprecedented labor shortages, high turnover, increased overtime, and low associate performance. These challenges lead to high labor costs and lower-than-desired customer service levels. With labor representing 65% or more of warehouse operating costs and labor issues consuming up to 80% of managers’ time, the need for […]

CH Robinson Case Study

Objectives C.H. Robinson, an industry leader in Retail Consolidation headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, proactively sought to address rising labor costs in their warehouse operations. The company’s Warehouse Excellence team aimed to improve real-time workforce performance reporting, establish formalized coaching capabilities, and support continuous improvement initiatives through business intelligence data. To achieve these goals, C.H. […]

The Value of Incentive Pay in Labor Management System

Executive Summary: Incentive pay programs can lead to higher productivity, better retention, and labor cost savings. A successful incentive program requires well-defined performance metrics and a labor management system (LMS) to track and manage engineered labor standards. Non-monetary incentives also play a crucial role in fostering a culture of high performance.   With the labor […]

Improving Company Culture with a Labor Management System System

Executive summary: A strong culture can help attract and retain top talent Creating a positive culture requires a strong labor management program A Labor Management System System (LMS) supports a good culture through real-time data and better engagement In today’s competitive labor market, businesses must look for ways to attract, retain and best utilize workers. […]