Choosing the Right Labor Management System Partner for Your Business

If you consider all the current challenges that are impacting your supply chain, rising labor costs and employee turnover are probably some of the most painful. That’s why many high-performing businesses are turning to labor management solutions to help retain talent and increase worker productivity. But having labor management software by itself isn’t enough. Choosing a partner […]

LMS – The Shortest Path to Achieve a 6-9 Month Payback on Your Investment

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Lou Cerny, from our partner Sedlak Supply Chain Consultants, authored the following blog post around the speed to value with a Labor Management System System (LMS). A LMS is the key foundational software tool to support a labor management program which in turn will result in a high-performance culture. With today’s LMS solutions, installed as […]

Should You Implement a WMS Before an LMS—or Both Together?

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When it comes to deploying warehouse management systems (WMS) and labor management systems (LMS), the most common approach is to start with a WMS and then add an LMS when needed to create additional labor cost savings. However, a growing number of organizations are finding it a best practice to implement a WMS and LMS […]

How High-Performing Companies are Navigating Labor Challenges

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Labor turnover remains a big issue for supply chain organizations. And with 9.9 million job openings in the U.S., according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the demand for labor isn’t likely to dissipate anytime soon. While labor-shortages can be found across nearly every industry, they’re especially prevalent within the supply chain. A CNBC survey […]

How Effective Is Your Labor Management System Program?

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Take Our Quiz to Find Out With inflation hurting margins, labor markets remaining tight and lingering supply-chain issues underscoring the need to maximize operational efficiency, there’s never been a more critical time to assess the state of your labor management program (LMP) and make needed upgrades. It can be difficult to know where to start […]

ProMat 2023: Key Labor Management System Takeaways

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TZA was pleased to connect with clients, prospects and our market partners at ProMat 2023. The ProMat tradeshow focuses on material handling solutions including software solutions for warehouse and labor management. There was also a focus on warehouse automation products such as robotics or high-density automatic picking systems. We were among 1,050 exhibitors at Chicago’s […]

How High-Performance Coaching Builds Teams of Top Performers

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Employees are a company’s number one asset. Without them, very little gets accomplished. Companies that want to get the highest level of performance out of each employee need a labor management program that provides consistent coaching and engagement between employees and supervisors, and further develops the skills they need, even after the onboarding period ends. […]



The rapid growth of just-in-time logistics and same-day/next-day delivery has put tremendous pressure on companies to fulfill orders and ship goods as quickly as possible. In turn, businesses have placed added pressure on warehouse employees to keep pace, occasionally leading to unfair expectations and unsafe work environments.   However, new laws in New York and California […]