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ProTrack labor management software is involved in many different industries.

Benefits of Pay Per Performance Programs

Turnover and labor shortages in the manufacturing and distribution industries continue to impact the operations of companies of all sizes. With that, the use of pay for performance or incentive programs is almost certain to escalate as employers search for ways to provide more competitive wage programs while boosting  both labor performance and employee retention. […]

Tips For Increasing Employee Engagement

What steps do you take in your operations to celebrate your workforce’s contributions and encourage engagement? In 2020, data supports a huge push for engagement in organizations. What is employee engagement? Managers properly interacting with their employees can result in the employee developing an emotional commitment to the organization. These relationships and a company culture […]

Developing a Business Intelligence Strategy in your Operations

Business intelligence allows you to leverage your operational data to reveal key insights. However, without the right strategy, your BI tool might not reach its maximum potential. Here are some steps that we recommend you include on your business intelligence road-map. Steps to creating a successful BI strategy 1. BE PREPARED FOR CHANGE A BI […]

The 10 Year Challenge: Labor Management Edition

2010 Spreadsheets Is your labor management strategy stuck in the last decade? 2020 ProTrack LMS What is wrong with labor tracking? Performance tracking is often achieved through the process of collecting WMS data by individual and transferring this data into a spreadsheet. Once in a spreadsheet this data can be manipulated to compare performance data […]

Labor Tracking vs. Labor Management System

Do you have a true labor management system? In today’s supply chain environments, the best operations have transitioned from labor tracking to labor management software to combat low productivity, high labor cost, high turnover and excessive overtime. We are breaking down the difference between these systems to demonstrate how labor management software gives your management […]

Take a Proactive Approach to Your Employee Turnover Problem

According to the Labor Department, more employees are quitting their jobs in record high numbers over the last six years. That should come as no surprise since employee turnover rates have been edging upward, which can create productivity impacts and huge labor costs for your business. Factors Contributing to Turnover Labor Shortage Tight labor market […]

Staying Competitive in a ‘Survival of the Fittest’ Supply Chain Industry

In today’s world, a variety of supply chain challenges like the labor shortage, high turnover, fast order turnaround times, and rising costs have emerged and created issues for organizations. What are you doing to evolve and thrive in a “survival of the fittest” industry? Positioning Your business for success 1. Retain Skilled Workers It’s no […]

Use High Performance Coaching to Build a Team of Top Performers

High performance coaching is fundamental in team activities like sports, but many manufacturers and distributors miss opportunities to improve productivity by properly engaging with their employees. Whether to ensure the success of new associates, help a struggling employee, or crank up overall team performance, formal coaching is a proven way to build a high performance […]