Real-Time Data & Insights Go Global

Access Operational Data from Anywhere at Any Time

Imagine if you could access your data and gain full visibility into your operations in real-time from anywhere in the world. Picture having that data not only at your home location, but across your entire enterprise at the supervisor, department and facility levels.

Now imagine you can access that data from anywhere in the world, on any device—laptop, tablet, smart phone. Would going mobile make your job easier and give you peace of mind whenever you needed to be away?

ProTrack Labor Management System Software helps you access data and insights from wherever you are, on any device.


Web/Cloud Based

Since labor can be up to 70% of operating costs, labor management technology is as critical as any other part of your operations.

ProTrack allows everyone – from front-line managers to corporate executives – instant access to workforce performance and full visibility across the organization. ProTrack gives you the functionality you need to monitor and manage your workforce and operations exists wherever you are.


Enterprise Dashboard

The average front-line manager spends 30 minutes or more each day generating reports just to get the data they need to manage the business. With ProTrack Enterprise Dashboard, that time is cut down to just seconds. Now, your front-line managers can get critical data quickly and use it while coaching and engaging associates.


Supervisor Workbench

ProTrack Workbench allows supervisors and management quick access to daily performance metrics, tasks and assignments from anywhere. It flexibility and customizable views let you see the information you need to make informed decisions.



Wondering what your employees have been up to all day? ProTrack’s Kiosk feature gives you the ability to extend performance tracking to additional activities. Gain visibility into all areas of your facility.



Staying on top of performance metrics is critical to addressing small issues before they become bigger problems, but you can’t always be at your desk or in the office to review those KPIs. ProTrack lets you stay on top of your workforce performance by sending alerts and messages directly to you mobile devices.


Let ProTrack Help

Achieve the next level of productivity and labor savings with ProTrack performance features that provide greater control, visibility and insight into workforce performance and engagement. Whether you’re a manager, supervisor, director or corporate executive, stay in the know and make informed data-driven business decisions from anywhere, anytime.


To discover how you can achieve the next level of productivity by gaining greater control, visibility and insight into workforce performance and engagement, download the TZA Whitepaper


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